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What Do I Do if My Doctor is Completely Against Medical Marijuana?

Even though many doctors are starting to support medical marijuana, not all are convinced of its medicinal efficacy. Some doctors might be open to it but want more research, or they might think it’s better for certain conditions than others.

There are also doctors who grew up when cannabis was viewed negatively and haven’t changed their minds. If this is the case with your doctor, here are some steps you can take:

Ask Your Doctor What They Think About Medical Cannabis

This question can reveal their attitude toward it. Some doctors might be skeptical or not know much about it, possibly advising against its use. Even doctors can have misconceptions or gaps in their knowledge about medical marijuana.

On the other hand, if your doctor is supportive of medical marijuana, they might be willing to discuss how it could help your medical condition. They could even share information about the endocannabinoid system (ECS), especially if they’ve kept up with recent studies beyond their medical school education.

Tell Your Doctor If Your Current Medication Has Harmful Effects in Your Current Medication

Are you taking prescription opioids, sedatives, strong anti-inflammatory drugs like flurbiprofen, or high doses of ibuprofen or steroids? Are these medications not working well, or are they making your symptoms worse?

If that’s the case, tell your doctor. They might be more open to considering medical marijuana, especially since it’s generally safer and less addictive than opioids and sedatives.

Find a New Doctor if Your Current Physician is Really That Skeptical About Medical Marijuana

doctor explaning medical cannabis to woman

While there’s evidence of cannabis helping with chronic pain, autoimmune disorders, and epilepsy, some doctors won’t fully accept cannabis as medicine.

If your physician still has doubts and seems unwilling to change their mind, you might want to consider getting a second opinion.

Exploring holistic medical treatments you’re interested in is important, and remember, there are other physicians available to you.

Know The Federal Law On Medical Cannabis

Some doctors are afraid to recommend medical marijuana because it’s federally illegal, and they worry about losing their license to practice medicine.

But it’s a good idea to look into your state’s laws as well. Most states now have medical marijuana programs where doctors can recommend cannabis for qualifying conditions. If your state allows medical marijuana for your condition, let your doctor know and show them the evidence to back up your claims.

Find an Alternative

Some doctors might steer clear of medical marijuana, even if they see its benefits because they worry about how it will affect their reputation and the potential loss of patients.

If you’re struggling to find a doctor who can help with medical marijuana, TeleLeaf is here to help.

Through personal experiences and witness to its efficacy, our team of licensed doctors shares their conviction in the use of cannabis to assist their patients in living happier, healthier, and more productive lives.

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