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Using Medical Cannabis to Treat Chronic Pain

We all experience pain at one point or another in our lives, but chronic pain is different.

Chronic pain can persist for weeks, months, or even years after the initial injury.

With chronic pain, our bodies continue to send pain signals to our brains even after the injury heals. Many doctors define it as any pain that lasts longer than three months.

Chronic pain can have a serious flow-on effect on your life, disrupting both your professional and social life and wreaking havoc on your mental health.

  • Types of Chronic Pain – Headache, Lower Back Pain, Arthritis Pain, Cancer Pain, Post- Trauma Pain, Post-Surgical Pain, Neurogenic Pain (nerve damage).
  • Symptoms of Chronic Pain– Dull Ache, Throbbing, Burning, Shooting, Squeezing, Stinging, Soreness, Stiffness
  • Effects of Chronic Pain – Chronic reduces flexibility, and limits mobility, strength, and endurance; making it challenging to get through daily tasks and activities.

Chronic Pain Medical - Teleleaf

Thousands of people have and continue to use medical cannabis to successfully treat chronic pain, largely in part for its potential to reduce opioid dose requirements.

One of the distinct advantages of using cannabis over other pharmaceutical medications such as opioids is that it has no effect on your breathing modulation, therefore making it impossible to overdose.

A variety of different studies have shown the effectiveness of cannabis to assist with the treatment of difficult to treat chronic pain, which could allow you to lead a happier and healthier lifestyle.

A Survey by the American Academy of Pain Medicine found that even comprehensive treatment with pain killing prescription drugs helps, on average, only about 58% of people with Chronic Pain.”

Often inadequately treated with available opiates, antidepressants, and anticonvulsant drugs, physicians are seeking new approaches to the treatment of these conditions to include the integration of medical cannabis into current treatment programs.

Moreover, interest in the use of cannabis and cannabinoids to treat chronic non-cancer pain is increasing because of their ability to reduce opioid use.

Despite a lack of regulatory oversight by federal governments in North America, community-based medical cannabis dispensaries have proven successful at supplying patients with a safe source of cannabis within an environment conducive to healing and may be reducing the problematic use of pharmaceutical opiates and other potentially harmful substances in their communities. Contact us to know more information.

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