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Unlocking the Enigma:What is Shake Weed?

If you’ve been a regular at your local dispensary for a while (or you’ve been studying up on medical marijuana before applying for a card), you might have heard of shake weed—but you might not be entirely sure what it is.

What is shake weed? Simply put, shake weed consists of the pieces of flower that shake off of whole buds.

In this guide, we’re breaking down shake weed in detail. We’ll explore how shake weed is produced, as well as its common uses, pros and cons, and more, to help you determine whether or not shake has a place in your treatment journey.

Exploring More About What Shake Weed Is

Shake, often called shake weed or cannabis shake, is essentially the tiny bits of flower that fall off larger buds and accumulate at the bottom of your storage container or bag.

A pile of dried weeds on a white surfaceIf you’ve smoked weed before, you’ve likely encountered shake in your own storage containers. And, depending on your preferences and habits, you might have even smoked it before—many users smoke shake when they’re trying to stretch their supply until their next dispensary visit.

But if you’ve never smoked a shake before, there are some important things to know:

  • It’s just as smokable as whole buds – Shake is simply smaller pieces of whole buds—it’s the same substance, just a smaller size. You can use it to roll a joint, load it into glassware, or combine it with whole buds.
  • You might find seeds and stems in shake – Shake typically contains mostly pieces of flower, but it can also include seeds and stems. While these are smokable, too, some people don’t like the taste of seeds and stems or the ways they burn—and they don’t contain high concentrations of cannabinoids. However, there are other creative ways to use stems and seeds. For instance, you can brew them in tea or include them in a cannabutter recipe.
  • You can purchase shake at many dispensaries – Dispensaries have to contend with shake, too. So, they often sell it (and it’s usually cheaper than whole bud). If you’re trying to stretch your budget, ask your budtender if they sell shake from your favorite flower product.

How Shake Weed Is Produced

Shake is naturally produced during the handling and packaging of cannabis:

  1. As buds are moved around, tiny pieces break off.
  2. Those pieces are collected, repackaged, and sold.

When you purchase a bag of cannabis, you’ll often find some shake along with your whole buds, but you can also purchase shake separately if it’s available at your dispensary.

Quality and Common Uses of Shake Weed

The quality of the shake depends on the quality of the bud it came from; if you have premium-quality weed, your shake is just ground-up pieces of those high-quality buds.

If you buy shake at a dispensary, your budtender can comment on product quality, cannabinoid concentration in the original bud, and more.

Wondering how to use shake? You have a few different options:

  • Rolling joints and blunts – Since the bud is already broken up, shake makes a convenient material for smokables.
  • Packing glassware – For the same reason it’s perfect for joints, shake is perfect for smokers who use glassware. While you might need some bud pieces to pack a bowl tightly (because bud is typically a little stickier than shake), shake and glassware are highly compatible.
  • Making edibles – Making cannabutter, gummies, oils, or tinctures at home can be more cost-effective if you use shake instead of whole bud.

Purchasing and Storing Shake Weed

When buying  shake, it’s important to remember that it can dry out more quickly than larger buds due to its small size. Proper storage is critical to maintaining its freshness and potency. We recommend:

  • Using an airtight container, like a mason jar
  • Storing your container in a dark place (because weed can break down in sunlight)
  • Taking a first-in, first-out approach (i.e., using older product first) with smokables

Pro tip: Shake can be much more convenient and easy to store when it’s already rolled into a joint or a blunt. Plus, if you roll your shake right after you get home from the dispensary, you’ll have smokables ready whenever you need them.

Pros and Cons of Shake Weed

Shake weed certainly has advantages:

  • A pile of dried weeds on a white surfaceIt’s more affordable than whole buds in many cases.
  • It’s as versatile and easy to use as a flower.
  • It’s widely available—you might even have some at home already.

But there are also two key disadvantages to consider. By understanding what they are, you can more easily avoid them:

  1. Potentially lower cannabinoid content than whole bud – If your shake has lots of stems and seeds, its cannabinoid content might be lower than the bud it came from. To keep from buying products with too many stems and seeds, ask your budtender which brands have the best reputation for product quality.
  2. Quality variance – While the quality of shake generally correlates with the bud it came from, your budtender will know best—tell them what you’re looking for in a shake product, and they’ll help you find a high-quality match for your needs.

Shake Weed: An Accessible Option for Cannabis Users

Shake weed can be affordable and versatile for your cannabis needs. If you’re interested in trying it, ask your budtender for recommendations to find the highest quality products. While not everyone likes to smoke shake, remember that the cannabis journey is about finding what works best for you.

If you’re looking for a community of like-minded medical marijuana patients, want advice from an expert provider, or need support as you apply for your medical cannabis card, turn to TeleLeaf. We’re a compassionate team of cannabis experts who help patients get the relief they need. In fact, we’ve experienced the therapeutic benefits of medical cannabis firsthand, so we understand it’s life-changing potential.

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Disclaimer: This blog is educational and does not promote illegal activities. Always follow your local laws regarding cannabis use.

What is Shake Weed?

Shake weed, often just called “shake,” refers to the small bits of flower that fall off larger cannabis buds. It’s typically found at the bottom of a storage container or bag. Produced naturally during the handling and packaging of cannabis, the shake’s quality reflects that of the original buds.

While it can be more affordable than whole buds, users should ensure its quality before purchasing. Shake is commonly used for rolling joints, packing glassware, and making edibles. Proper storage in an airtight container is crucial to maintaining freshness.


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