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Understanding Louisiana’s Medical Marijuana Program in Less than 2 Minutes

Current Louisiana Law

  • Louisiana Law allows for any condition considered debilitating to an individual to be treated with medical marijuana (cannabis).
  • A debilitating condition is defined as a disease or condition making someone weak or infirm, and/or tending to weaken something, i.e. ‘debilitating back pain, etc.’
  • Any licensed Louisiana doctor can provide access to medical marijuana by electronically submitting a ‘Referral Form’ for the patient to the Pharmacy/Dispensary of their choice.
  • There are currently 9 licensed pharmacies supplied by 2 licensed pharmaceutical-grade, cultivation and processing facilities in the state.

The Recommendation Process Explained

  • The patient identifies a debilitating condition that legally qualifies the patient to access Louisiana’s medical marijuana program
  • Any Louisiana licensed doctor evaluates the patient’s condition to determine or verify the condition
  • Doctor electronically submits a ‘Patient Referral’ form to the pharmacy/dispensary of your choice (generally based on location)
    • Patient in need gains immediate access to consult with the licensed MMJ pharmacist and select the best products and consumption method(s)
  • The ‘Recommendation’ qualifies the patient for access up to 12 months unless specified

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Legal Medical Marijuana Products and Consumption Methods

  • Inhalation – Metered-Dose Inhalers/Vaporization (Various Strains/Cultivars)
  • Edibles – Gelatin Gummies (Various strengths)
  • Oral – Tinctures, FECO Variant (Full-Extract Cannabis Oil)
  • Topicals – Topical Lotions (Various Strengths)

Location of Louisiana’s Licensed Medical Marijuana Pharmacies/Dispensaries

  • New Orleans – H&W Pharmacy
  • Madisonville – Willow Pharmacy
  • Baton Rouge – Capitol Wellness

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