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Regulatory Status

Medical Program – Not Allowed

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Currently Prohibited

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Currently Prohibited


Currently Not Allowed

Current Legal Status

Medical cannabis is not broadly legal in North Carolina. However, the state has legalized the use of CBD oil with a low THC content for patients with intractable epilepsy.

Qualifying Conditions

Only intractable epilepsy is a qualifying condition for the limited medical cannabis program in North Carolina.

Clinical Research Trials: Opportunities for clinical research trials may vary. To find trials in North Carolina, you can search the database.

History of Medical Cannabis in North Carolina

  • 2014: The state passed the Hope 4 Haley and Friends Act, allowing the use of low-THC CBD oil for intractable epilepsy.
  • 2015: The North Carolina Industrial Hemp Pilot Program was established, allowing the cultivation of industrial hemp for research purposes.
  • Several attempts to expand medical cannabis legislation have been made, but none have been successful.
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Frequently Asked Questions

As medical cannabis is not broadly legal in North Carolina, there is no process to qualify as a medical cannabis patient beyond the limited CBD oil program for intractable epilepsy.

There are no specific medical cannabis caregiver laws in North Carolina due to the limited nature of the program.

The cultivation of cannabis is illegal in North Carolina, and there are no possession limits specific to medical cannabis patients.

Due to the limited scope of the medical cannabis program, there are no medical cannabis dispensaries in North Carolina. Patients with intractable epilepsy must obtain CBD oil from other sources.

Only low-THC CBD oil is available for patients with intractable epilepsy.

Minors with intractable epilepsy may have access to low-THC CBD oil under the care of a physician.

As there is no medical cannabis program in the state, there is no established cost structure for medical cannabis in North Carolina.

There are no medical cannabis dispensaries in North Carolina due to the limited nature of the program.

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