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Medical Marijuana In New Orleans and Its Benefits

A Closer Look: Medical Marijuana In New Orleans and Its Benefits

Contrary to what Big Pharma and pop culture would have you believe, cannabis isn’t just used for recreation. For many New Orleans residents, particularly those battling the effects of trauma and chronic health issues—medical marijuana offers a therapeutic refuge. 

It’s a natural treatment option that’s often healthier, safer, and less addicting than a prescription drug, especially for conditions like PTSD, which commonly resist conventional treatments. 

But what is the legal status of medical marijuana in New Orleans? And why are more and more people applying for their own card? 

Let’s talk about the positive impacts medical marijuana is having on countless Americans. 


Brief History of Weed Legalization in New Orleans

For millennia, humanity has used marijuana to treat physical ailments, as well as mental conditions. The earliest recorded usage of medical marijuana was in 2737 BC China when Emperor Shen Nung—the father of Chinese medicine—reportedly touted cannabis for treating ailments like gout and malaria.


Despite its historical precedence and global prevalence, in modern times, marijuana has been (wrongly) portrayed in a negative light, especially by Big Pharma. 


But that narrative is (rightfully) shifting in cannabis’ favor. 


That’s why, today, more than 36 states and counting have enacted laws to legalize medical marijuana. And, in 2016, Louisiana joined the majority of states in recognizing the therapeutic benefits of this ancient herb. This means that you can meet with a licensed doctor and get a medical marijuana card in New Orleans if you:  


  • Live in Louisiana
  • Are 18 years or older
  • Struggle with a chronic health condition


A Look at the Numbers 

On January 1st,  2022, medical marijuana flower and oil hit the shelves of Louisiana’s nine licensed medical marijuana pharmacies: 


  • Alexandria – The Medicine Cabinet Pharmacy
  • Baton Rouge – Capitol Wellness Solutions
  • Houma – Green Leaf Dispensary
  • Lafayette – The Apothecary Shoppe
  • Lake Charles – Medicis Pharmacy
  • Covington – Willow Pharmacy
  • New Orleans – H&W Drug Store
  • Shreveport – Hope Pharmacy
  • Metairie – H&W Drug Store
  • West Monroe – Delta Medmar


Seeing as the program is only a year old, the state’s medical marijuana scene is still budding. But it’s been successful across the state, not just in the urban hub of New Orleans. 


So far, Calcasieu, Beauregard, St. Tammany, Lafayette, and Tangipahoa parishes have the largest percentages of citizens signing up for their medical cards, though state experts predict that “roughly 3% of the state’s residents will eventually take part in the medical marijuana program, assuming it hits similar rates to other mature medical marijuana markets.”  


What’s Behind The Surge In Popularity and Acceptance? 

Here, in the heart of the French Quarter and across the Garden District, you’ll find stories of transformation and resilience, tales of individuals who’ve taken their healing journey into their own hands by trading their cocktail of prescription drugs for a dose of nature’s own remedy.


Put simply, medical cannabis is emerging as a viable substitute for Big Pharma’s typical treatments, which often come at an incredibly high cost. Anyone who’s found themselves caught up in a relentless cycle of medication—or anyone who’s ever seen a pharmaceutical commercial—will understand the alarming reality of the extensive list of potential side effects these drugs can cause, not to mention the serious physical and mental addictions. 


In many instances, a doctor’s go-to suggestion often causes more harm than good. For proof of that, look no further than the opioid epidemic. 


This is why a growing number of disaffected and hurting people are rejecting conventional medicines in favor of a medical marijuana therapeutic approach. 


For example, some of the common conditions that have been successfully treated with the help of medical marijuana include:


  • PTSD
  • Autoimmune disorders
  • Stress and anxiety disorders
  • Chronic pain
  • Cancer
  • Opioid or alcohol addiction


Benefits of Medical Marijuana 

Marijuana isn’t a one-size-fits-all miracle cure. It’s a tool—one that, when used wisely and integrated into a broader health strategy, can aid both the physical and mental healing processes, particularly for trauma survivors.


Some of the commonly associated benefits include: 


  • Pain relief
  • Stress relief 
  • Mental health support
  • Sleep support
  • Relaxation
  • Alleviation of pharmaceutical side effects 
  • Treatment of neurodegenerative diseases
  • Improved digestion


Even for deep-seated issues like trauma that might not come with obvious physical ailments, marijuana can help bring bodily systems—specifically, the sympathetic nervous system and parasympathetic nervous system—into balance. When used in combination with cognitive behavioral therapy, medical cannabis can allow a person to sit in the present so they can focus on untangling cognitive distortions caused by their past experiences. 


How to Access Medical Cannabis in New Orleans 

Are you interested in applying for a medical cannabis card in New Orleans so you can experience the therapeutic benefits yourself? 


With TeleLeaf, you can apply online in no time, and we’ll guide you through each step of our four-step process: 


  1. Fill out an online intake form 
  2. Meet with a doctor online
  3. Get approval
  4. Gain access to medical marijuana


At TeleLeaf, we make the process of obtaining your medical cannabis card easy and stress-free because we understand the suffering and the struggle you’re going through. In fact, many of us have walked this path ourselves, and we’ve unlocked a life free of side effects and symptoms, thanks to medical cannabis.  


Ultimately, we understand that accessing medical marijuana isn’t just about receiving a prescription—it’s about reclaiming your life, health, and happiness. Let us be your guides on your healing journey.


Apply for your medical marijuana card with TeleLeaf today. 




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