Get Your Medical Card

How to Get a Recommendation from a Medical Marijuana Doctor in Lafayette

Medical marijuana has become a safe alternative medication for patients suffering from many chronic and debilitating conditions. In order to gain access to medical marijuana in Lafayette, you need a doctor’s recommendation first.

Recommendation from a medical marijuana doctor

  • Your condition should meet the Louisiana’s list of qualifying criteria. You can check the full list here.
  • Fill out the intake form. Upload your medical records online.
  • You’ll meet with a doctor for an evaluation which will be done virtually. A recommendation will be given once your information is reviewed.
  • Once the doctor has approved, your recommendation will be sent to the pharmacy of your choice or within your region.
  • Once your doctor sends the recommendation to the medical cannabis pharmacy, you will gain access to medical marijuana products available.

TeleLeaf aim’s to make your experience safe and secure thanks to our HIPAA-compliant EMR platform.

Our platform was created especially for you to provide you with the best patient experience so that nothing will hinder your access to medical marijuana.

We uphold the highest standards of governance and regulatory compliance with the medical marijuana program of the state.

If you’re ready to move forward with your application for a medical marijuana card and a recommendation from a Lafayette medical marijuana doctor, sign up from our website today!

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