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Does CBD Lose Its Potency Over Time

Cannabidiol (CBD) loses its effectiveness over time, either due to the product’s expiration or your growing tolerance to it. Continue reading to learn methods to prolong the shelf life of CBD and strategies to counteract CBD tolerance.

Does CBD Expire?

Yes. There are a few factors that influence how long CBD oil remains usable, such as the overall quality of the product and storage.

Factors that Affect CBD’s Effectiveness

Extraction Process

The carbon dioxide (CO2) extraction method is considered the most effective way of extracting CBD from the cannabis plant, as it preserves other cannabinoids and maximizes the amount of CBD in a full- or broad-spectrum product. If you’re looking for quality, longer-lasting CBD products, choose those made with this process.


The quality of ingredients used in CBD products can affect their shelf life. High-quality CBD oil is typically made with better components, making it last longer than those containing lower-grade ingredients. Flavorings added to these products may be more susceptible to degradation and have a shorter lifespan than the actual cannabidiol content.


Exposing your CBD product to air, light, and heat will make it degrade faster. To extend the shelf life of your CBD products, make sure to buy them in a dark (amber) glass bottle. Make sure the bottle is sealed tightly and stored away from direct sunlight.


Factors that affect the quality of CBD products include the quality of the plant, its condition, and other ingredients added to the product. Buy CBD products with a certificate of analysis (CoA) from a third-party laboratory.


To ensure the quality and effectiveness of your CBD, store it in a cool, dark place away from direct sunlight. Make sure that you keep your products sealed tightly in an airtight container to protect them from heat, light, or air.

How to Tell if CBD Has Gone Bad

  • Smell: If your CBD product has a bad smell, it is likely past its expiration date and has degraded. Generally speaking, CBD products should have an earthy aroma.
  • Thickness: If CBD oil has become thicker in consistency or darker in color, it likely has gone bad. If stored correctly (e.g.: in the refrigerator), the oil may have thickened and looked cloudy. Leaving it at room temperature for a few minutes should restore its original thickness and hue – if not, this indicates that the CBD oil has deteriorated.
  • Taste: If the CBD product tastes stale, it has degraded. Even if you don’t particularly like the taste of your CBD product, it should still be edible/drinkable. If it’s not, it’s time to buy a new product.

Will Using Expired CBD Make Me Sick?

It is unlikely that consuming expired CBD oil will make you sick, but it may not be worth ingesting due to the loss of its potency. This happens because the CBD has started to degrade over time.

Why CBD Loses Effectiveness

It is possible you may have a tolerance.

If you find that CBD is no longer having the same effects on your body, it could be because you have developed a tolerance to it. Tolerance occurs when higher doses of a substance are required to achieve the desired effect as the body works towards maintaining balance (homeostasis). Tolerance should not be mistaken for dependence or addiction.

The tolerance to CBD is different from that of THC because the latter binds to CB1 receptors in the brain. Over time, these receptors can become less responsive to THC, leading users to need larger doses for it to produce similar effects.

It is unlikely that one would develop a tolerance to CBD since it does not bind to CB1 receptors like THC, but it’s still possible.

If you find that the same CBD dose no longer produces the desired effects, it is likely that your body has become tolerant of its effects.

How to Lower CBD Tolerance Levels

Consider abstaining from CBD for two days. This break can help your body adjust and reduce your tolerance.

If you really need CBD for health reasons, try using it less often. Instead of using it several times a day, use it just once or twice. This might also help decrease your tolerance.

Another option is to use THC along with CBD. They work well together, enhancing each other’s anti-inflammatory effects.

If you always use the same type of CBD, trying a different kind or strain might also help. Each one has a unique composition, which can change how your body responds.

If you notice that your CBD product is not as effective as it used to be, there are two possible explanations: either the quality has deteriorated or you may have developed a tolerance. It’s important to consider both possibilities in order to get the most out of your CBD products.

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