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Our Light Came Out of a Deep Darkness

It was in a combat zone in Iraq that our founder and CEO, Gary Hess, experienced trauma, loss, and physical pain like never before. He lost his brothers in arms, he lost his peace of mind, and he lost his sense of connection with his body and the world around him.

This loss was compounded when he turned to traditional Western medicine and care and was met with addictive pharmaceuticals—the cause of skyrocketing suicide rates in the veteran community.

Hope Sprouted Through Natural Plant Medicines

By helping to re-balance the autonomic nervous system and enhance neuroplasticity, medical cannabis allowed Gary to break free from the unhealthy, trauma-induced state he’d been in for long enough to see the world through a new light, reconnect with himself, and unlock healing free of pharmaceutical side effects.

With TeleLeaf, You're NEVER Alone
Let Us Guide You to Holistic Healing

Since 2019, Gary has worked tirelessly to advocate for access to medical cannabis and cannabis education in Louisiana and throughout the United States so that people experiencing trauma, chronic pain, and other debilitating conditions can find the healing they deserve.

  • December

    TeleLeaf is founded to provide patients with convenient access to medical marijuana, education and treatment options

  • May

    VAHA partners with Scottsdale Research Institute to advocate for the removal of cannabis as a Schedule 1 narcotic

  • March

    The Veterans Alliance for Holistic Alternatives (VAHA) was founded to advocate for veterans’ right to access life-saving treatment in the form of medical cannabis.

  • January

    Gary discusses the efficacy and benefits of medical marijuana at Baton Rouge Entrepreneurship Week

How We’re
Changing the System

Our Mission, From Another Angle

  • November

    Gary speaks about the treatment benefits of medical marijuana at LSU’s Pennington Biomedical Research Facility

  • August

    Gary becomes the first patient in Louisiana to receive a medical marijuana recommendation

  • June

    Louisiana passes a bill that permits the smoking of medical marijuana

  • May

    Gary testifies before Louisiana State Congress to advocate for the legalization of medical marijuana in Louisiana

You Don’t Have to Wander
Aimlessly—You’ve Arrived

As patients ourselves, we understand the road to healing can feel lonely. That’s why we designed a transparent process where you can connect with your doctor in your own home, open up about your journey and struggles, and reach out for support whenever you need it.

Guidance Every Step of the Way

From applying for your card to picking up your medicine, we’re here to make sure you feel comfortable and heard at every step of the process. No stigmas. No judgments. No barriers to access.

A Highly Curated Experience

Trauma, pain, and healing look different for everyone. That’s why we foster one-on-one relationships that help us understand where you are in your journey and what exactly you need to heal.

Dispensary Recommendations from Qualified Doctors

Whether or not you’re new to medical cannabis, we’ll recommend treatments, strains, dosages, and dispensaries based on your unique wellness needs and goals

A Quick and Simplified Process

You’ve waited long enough to find healing—why wait any longer now that you’re here? Our streamlined process is designed to get you access to the medicine you need sooner than other services.